Come in and discover the Forest!

About us

La Forêt Ô Cascades is a four-season ecotourism park, in the Lanaudière region, which offers an experience in nature, a place to gather, move, dream and learn. Its mission is to make the forest accessible while preserving the integrity and biodiversity of the site.

Hiking trails

Bordered by the Ouareau River, this 225-acre forest is criss-crossed by 12 kilometers of hiking trails. In winter, off-trail trails also allow you to explore the snowy landscapes on snowshoes. In summer, you can enhance your walk with a picnic and a swim. Move, breathe the fresh air!

Now open all year round!

In the forest, near the Ouareau River, choose one campsites and sleep under the stars. The nearby multifunctional pavilion offers all amenities. Take advantage of the enchanting site and relax!


Come and admire, under the canopy, the richness of the Laurentian forest. Discover a rich and diversified fauna and flora. The workshops are for all, young and old. They will allow you to learn more about the fascinating nature that surrounds us. Be curious and let yourself be guided!


A veritable open-air theater of creativity, the forest becomes a place for exchanges between public and artists, a place for performances, exhibitions and shows. The trails turn into rehearsal spaces where nature and culture meet. Be inspired and let yourself be carried away!

Du 31 mai 2024 au 30 septembre 2024

Vivez l’expérience de glamping UNIQ à la forêt ô Cascades!