About Us

The adventure began in 2018 with the acquisition, by a group of six entrepreneurs, of a piece of land formerly owned by Hydro-Québec. Driven from the outset by the preservation and restoration of this forested land disturbed by human activity – clearcutting, diversion of watercourses, exploitation of a sand pit, circulation of motorized vehicles – we become in a way its guardians.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the forest accessible to the community while protecting the ecological integrity of the site. The founding idea is to promote responsible tourism centered on the discovery of nature, with a view to long-term conservation.

Our values

  • Environment: remain proactive and relevant for the conservation of ecosystems
  • Respect: take care of nature and people
  • Education: awaken everyone’s sense of responsibility in the preservation of nature
  • Creativity: carry out an inspired and inspiring project that promotes arts and culture
  • Community: promote a sense of belonging and create positive fallout in the community

Sustainable development

Here are the main actions implemented in the first phase of the project:

  • Construction of the reception kiosk and the multifunctional pavilion, according to the principles of LEED sustainable buildings
  • Installation of waste sorting stations and on-site composting stations
  • Sale at the convenience store of eco-responsible and local products
  • Drinking water everywhere on the site to restrain the use of disposable water bottles
  • Signage promoting environnemental awareness on the site


We believe that collaboration is the key that allows a project to radiate and last. We are at the very beginning of this great adventure. If you would like to join our network of partners, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our partners

Be part of the team!

We are looking for passionate people who want to contribute to a larger than life project!