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8H00 to 18H00



Day camp: Fauna+Flora+Survival

This summer, offer your children (10-14 years old) a unique experience with the Natura Borealis specialized camp.

A week in the forest to immerse yourself in nature and learn about the fauna, flora and survival techniques in the forest through games and challenges!

The 40 hours of the day camp will be devoted to the following themes:

-Shelters (sheds and debris hut)

-Fire (with sparker and friction technique)

-The animals (their habitats, identify the tracks)

-Ecology and biodiversity

-Wild plants (edible and medicinal)

-Survival in the forest (safety, orientation, water, etc.)

-The observation of nature

– Movement in the forest (stealth, camouflage)

$375, information and registration via msg or email: [email protected]


4300 chemin Johanne Rawdon, Qc, J0K 1S0