10 February 2024


10H00 to 16H00



Basics of tracking

Do you want to learn the art and science of tracking?

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of wildlife?

Do you want to learn to recognize the tracks you come across in the forest?

Whether you are a hunter, photographer, naturalist or outdoor enthusiast, this training is for you!

You will learn:
•The identification keys to recognize the different traces
•To recognize the main gaits of animals
•To determine the relative age of the traces
•Use simple tools and tips to increase the acuity of your observations
•Proceed in clear and logical steps to help with identification
•To use effective observation methods
•To better understand the dynamics of ecosystems
•And much more!

The training will be given by Sébastien Couture, certified level I tracker by Cybertracker and will alternate between theoretical material (indoors) and practical exercises (outdoors).  After this training, your view of fauna and flora will be radically transformed and your sense of observation greatly improved.

When? Saturday, February 10th

Where? Forêt Ô Cascades, 43oo chemin Johanne, Rawdon, J0K1S0

How much?  The cost is $90/person payable by transfer to the address: [email protected]

For more details: