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Yoga in the forest

This class combines the benefits of practicing yoga with the benefits of being in nature. Yoga in the forest is inspired by the Japanese healing technique “shinrin-yoku”, also called “forest bathing”, which consists of consciously walking in nature to prevent and cure illnesses.

Benefits: Practicing yoga in the forest helps us strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and tension, benefit from the healing power of the forest and remind us of the beauty of nature.

Audience: Adults and children 7 years and older. The course is aimed at both passing visitors and Forêt Ô Cascades campers.

Duration: 60 minutes, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

It is possible to arrive at the Forêt Ô Cascades site in advance and/or stay after the lesson by purchasing a daily access to the gatehouse.

Equipment needed: Bring comfortable clothes, walking shoes and a bottle of water. No other equipment needed. We will do standing yoga exercises and postures and meditative walking in the forest.

Schedule: June to October (June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20).

Teacher: The “forest bathing and yoga” workshop is designed and guided by Nayeli Villafuerte, yoga teacher and environmental educator. Nayeli has 20 years of experience in yoga practice and post-graduate training in environmental education. She founded Monarca Yoga in 2020 to make yoga practice accessible and adapted to the needs of our time. With this course Nayeli wants to raise awareness of the healing power of the forest while practicing yoga.



$20 13 years and over

$10 7 to 12 years old


Workshop reservations

For any reservation request for a « Yoga in the forest » workshop, please contact Nayeli Villafuerte at 438-868-8838 or send a message to [email protected]